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YWAM Melbourne – Refund Policy

Refund Statement

Due to the nature of charity donations, YWAM Melbourne is not under an obligation to give refunds. Decisions on refunds will be at the discretion of YWAM Melbourne management.

Should a refund be issued to you, please note that the associated tax receipt should be destroyed and is no longer valid.

Donations and Refunds

YWAM Melbourne accepts all donations in good faith. Donations may or will be refunded under certain circumstances.

  • A refund will be issued if an error was made by YWAM Melbourne.
  • A refund may be issued if the wrong amount was entered by the donor.
  • A refund may be issued due to exceptional circumstances.

If an error in the donation is noticed and a request for a refund is made after 30 days, YWAM Melbourne will be unable to issue a refund.

Please submit a written request with the following information should you wish to apply for a refund. Provide your full name, full mailing address and phone number. Please include details of how you made the donation, the date and amount given and the reasoning for requesting a refund.  

Please send your request in writing to:
YWAM Melbourne
1 Kent Road, Surrey Hills, VIC 3127, Australia